Feng Shui Gardening – Creating a Balanced Landscape: Part II

budda_gardenAfter the feng shui bagua chart has been created, one must take a long, hard look at their outdoor space.  This is something that should not be shrugged off.  It is very important to take a true look at what you have, where it is located and how it is presented.

The first step in this process is to remove the clutter.  This includes empty pots, containers, hanging baskets and garden tools.  If a garden shed is available, these items can be stored there.  If a storage shed is not available, consider storing the items in a basement or on shelves.

Clutter in feng shui is not limited to items though but also includes spent flowers, dead trees and plant material along with weeds.  After all these items have been removed from the environment, it is time to really look at ones garden space.  Start this evaluation inside your home.  Ordinate your bagua chart to the direction of the front door.  If you have windows along the front of your home, look how the sunlight comes into the home.  Are there trees blocking this light?  Is there plant material blocking the front door entrance?

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Feng Shui Gardening – Creating a Balanced Landscape: Part I

feng_shuiFeng Shui is an ancient Chinese art form that has been around for over 300 years.  The basic premise of this art form is that balancing the natural, physical and astronomical energies around us can help us live a happier life.  This is achieved by understanding that the environment is alive and full of energy (chi).  Balancing this energy can result in personal harmony.

Before your garden can be designed with harmony, one must make their garden’s energy map.  This map can be known as the feng shui bagua, pakua or bagua.  The design of this map consists of eight areas or trigrams that are then divided into an individual element, color and life area.

A traditional feng shui compass is normally used to create this map but a common outdoor compass will work just as well.  Since one’s home is part of the landscape, the front of the home is a good place to start when discovering the property’s bagua.  To begin the process, take a direction reading while you are standing inside the front door.  Write down this number; repeat this process in two other locations in the home that face the front yard direction.

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Clear the Clutter and Practice Feng Shui With a Garden Shed

Storage ShedThink of all the stuff that fills your garage, patio and backyard.  Unused, forgotten, misplaced or rusted – much of it can certainly be classified as clutter.

It may be hard to do, but clearing up clutter is a sure fire way to ease stress and harness ch’i.  In Feng Shui, ch’i is another term for energy and an underlying goal for the principles of this ancient art is to attain maximum ch’i, so to speak.

Chock up the ch’i and organize your outdoor living space with a garden shed.  Choose a style and model that has your needs, hobbies and family in mind and you are even closer to the Feng Shui principles many strive for today.

Basics of De-cluttering Within Your Shed

Ancient wisdom says that you must have as much space in your home as you do stuff.  This may seem easy in the backyard where rolling lawns translate into piles of lawn maintenance equipment and sprawling gardens mean you can collect piles of pots and shovels.  But think in a more compact way and you may find your backyard is way off balance.

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The Campfire Story: From Caveman Times to the Modern Kitchen

Sojo Fire Pit:  The Sun and the MoonThere is something quite admirable about a campfire, isn’t there? When family and friends are joined together in the backyard or in the forest, the fire provides a sense of security, warmth, comfort and relaxation. The red and orange flames lick up to the sky, and the crackling and popping of the dry wood is enough to send you into a trance. The fire element can be so powerful and destructive, but when it’s controlled, it can be so beautiful.

The history of fire is a long journey back into time. From the caveman to the modern kitchens and incinerators we have today, it has continued to burn strong and light our way into the future.

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Songs and Spirits Weave Through the History of Wind Chimes

windchimesThe soothing sounds of tinkling wind chimes are common in homes, gardens and on porches across the world.  But was there a greater purpose for these pretty ornaments?  Where they simply discovered by accident or handcrafted with care?  You may be surprised at the rich and intriguing history of wind chimes, from the Buddhist gardens of Asia to rural farms, logging lands and even coastal areas.  Their beauty and charm is almost legendary.

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Feng shui and home design: The Water Element

The hustle and bustle of our everyday lives lends itself to many stresses that hopefully, fall away as we walk through the door of our home. But creating that peaceful environment can sometimes prove stressful itself.

Feng Shui, a system that sets about achieving harmony between people and their environment through design and specific placement of objects from the five elements – wind, fire, water, metal and earth – can be the answer in creating that sanctuary.

Today we will be talking about the water element of feng shui.  In Feng Shui, water symbolizes emotion, therefore the water in and around your home should be flowing and clean in order to have the best effect on the “chi” or life force.   Since water holds chi, if that water is stagnant it is said that there can be problems within relationships as well as have an impact on wealth and prosperity.

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Feng Shui: Creating Harmonious and Well Balanced Space Using The 5 Element Theory

Being the daughter of a landscaper and of parents who grew up on a farm in the old country, I can truly appreciate the outdoors and the magic that it possesses.

So, when I learned about the Five Element Theory throughout my Feng Shui studies, it was a language that I instantly related to.  Feng Shui, is an energy based philosophy that deals with the art (design) and science (intention) of placement.  The Five Element theory is just one of many aspects of Feng Shui.

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