Outdora Awarded by Twin Eagles as Top Retailer!

Just in time to ring in the 2012 Barbecue Season, Outdora was awarded a top retailer award by Twin Eagles, manufacturer of luxury outdoor kitchen grills.

The Outdora Showroom, located a half-block off the Sonoma plaza, displays high-end outdoor kitchen appliances including a full Twin Eagles island featuring a 36″ Twin Eagles Built-In Grill with Rotisserie & IR Sear Zone, Double Access Doors, Dine and Breakfast Club, Door and Drawer Combo, Pullout Paper Towel Drawer and Wide Outdoor Bar.

Don’t fret if you live outside the San Francisco Bay area, as all Twin Eagles products are for sale on Outdora’s ecommerce site.   Outdora offers free shipping in the contiguous USA and no sales tax outside of California.

So, why not welcome the barbeque season with a Twin Eagles Grill from their top retailer?  Call Outdora today for more information.  877-688-3672.

Stuart & Christina Twin Eagles

Celebrate Earth Hour with Earth Friendly Products from Outdora

EarthHourEarth Hour 2012 will occur on March 31, but to understand what Earth Hour really is one must understand the history.  The World Wildlife Federation of Australia started Earth Hour in 2004.  The purpose of this celebration was to make Australians aware of climate change.  While many ideas were bounced around, the WWF of Australia decided to contact an advertising agency for help.  The Leo Burnett Sydney agency was contacted and a plan was designed to get Australians engaged in issue of climate change.

Then, in 2005, a campaign of hope not fear was developed.  This campaign pushed the fact that everyone had a personal responsibility when it came to global warming.  In doing so, the WWF of Australia and the Leo Burnett Sydney agency came up with “The Big Flick.”

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A Rose by Any Other Name – The History and Meaning of the Most Popular Valentine’s Day Flower

Roses2It was Romeo who said “A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet,” but long before he pondered the meaning in a name underneath Juliet’s window, the rose already had a long established presence in the pantheon of love and the history of civilization.

In existence on Earth for 35 million years and with 150 different species to bear its surname, roses are the most popular Valentine’s Day flower gifted between friends, lovers and at times even enemies.

The Ancient Greeks believed that the rose was the flower of love, created by Chloris, the Goddess of Flowers and Roses were grown by the Roman Empire to use, among other things, as confetti during parades. And it was in the seventeenth century that roses and rose water became so valuable that they were considered legal tender. The Chinese were the first to cultivate roses and it was the Chinese who also introduced modern rose cultivation to Europe.

The language of flowers was developed in Victorian-era England. The strict social customs and conservative attitudes lead to the development of floriography, a means of communication where people used different flowers or floral arrangements to express feelings through symbol that could not be communicated in speech.

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Picnicking – A Little History and A Lot of Screen Time

picnic_basket_1Unseasonal weather and spring’s quick approach bring the promise of an outdoor picnic to the table. While dining in open air has long been in practice for both pleasure and necessity, the origin of the word “picnic” maintains more elusive origins.

The earliest written form of picnic appeared in French to describe a group of diners who decided to BYOB their own wine at a local café. From there “pique-nique” in French continued to circle in use as a term to describe what Americans refer to as a pot-luck – a meal where all diners brought something to contribute to the meal. Our modern dictionary now defines picnic as “an excursion or outing in which the participants carry food with them and share a meal in the open air” (www.dictionary.com), however the origin remains debated.

Wherever the actual beginnings of the word “picnic” were born, Western culture has since embraced picnicking as a rite of spring and outing suitable for families, lovers and friends.  Today, we associate picnicking with a day of leisure and culinary consumption under a shady tree, an event of pleasure, relaxation and reveling in the good weather that comes with springtime. Picnickers are a common sight in city parks and even on longer hiking trails during the sunny months.

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New Talent Up To Bat in the Outdora Showroom

denny_pic_2Outdora is proud to announce a new addition to the team with Denny Perelli, our new Sonoma Showroom manager. A veteran of the outdoor kitchen business, Denny started his career as an independent rep in 1993. He’s represented top outdoor kitchen retailers, including Twin Eagles, Lynx, Fire Magic and Primo and has years of experience designing outdoor kitchens and Islands.

Denny’s first exposure to the outdoor kitchen business began long before 1993, when he owned his own appliance business, working in the wholesale and retail appliance markets. Before that, Denny played professional baseball for the Pittsburg Pirates and the Chicago Cubs as a catcher.

Come out and meet Outdora’s new Showroom manager Denny Perelli at his first of many cooking demonstrations this Saturday, April 16th at the Sonoma Outdora Showroom. From 11:30am to 2:30pm Denny will cook up a variety of outdoor grilling staples on the grand Lynx Grill. Anyone with an appetite and an interest in grilling is welcome to attend. The event is free and offers a demonstration of one of Outdora’s premiere outdoor cooking products as well as the opportunity to grab a glass of wine just off Sonoma’s historic downtown plaza.

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Visit Outdora at the 26th Annual San Francisco Flower and Garden Show

photoGet your garden ready for spring at the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show starting this Wednesday, March 23rd through Sunday, March 27th. This year, the event explores the theme “Life in the California Garden” with a special focus on greener living through vegetable gardening, local vegetation, and the scrumptious local food products that epitomize California culture.

Months of preparation go into the creation of San Francisco’s largest, world-class Flower & Garden expo. From the 1,200 cubic yards of sawdust and mulch put down for the gardens, to the days of cultivation and creativity each gardener puts into their works of art, no detail is overlooked in preparation for the anticipated 50,000 guests.

This year, Outdora is proud to partner with Sonoma landscape architect, Regina Rollins. She started her landscape architecture and design firm, Rollin Design, in 2003, but her love of gardening, design and the California landscape bloomed much earlier.

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Outdora Announces $100 Gift Certificate Winner!

T306We have another winner! After submitting a product review to the Outdora website, Margaret Shealy of Simpsonville, South Carolina has been selected to receive a $100 gift certificate from Outdora.

Her winning journey began after a fortuitous trip to a friend’s home. While visiting, she noticed a new wind chime they had recently purchased and decided her own home needed a little more music. A quick Google search for “wind chimes” brought her to Outdora and a few clicks later, she purchased a wind chime to call her own.

Margaret noted that not only was Outdora’s site easy to navigate, but it also allowed her to preview audio samples of each chime before making her final purchase. She continues to enjoy her American made, Corinthian Bells wind chime and is even considering adding another to her family. With her newfound wealth, she plans to purchase another wind chime or a gift for her brother from Outdora.

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$100 Gift Certificate Fall Winner Announced

The Bahama Picnic Cooler for Two paid for itself and then some

Outdora is excited to announce the winner of our winter drawing for a valuable $100 gift certificate. Linda Gentry of McComb, Mississippi entered our prize drawing by reviewing her purchase of the Bahamas Picnic Cooler for Two, a leakproof insulated picnic tote that includes wine glasses and cheese service essentials. Linda purchased the picnic basket as a wedding present for her son who proposed to his fiancé during a picnic outing. The timing of the prize couldn’t be better—her son will marry on December 18th.

Our winner noted it was her first experience shopping with Outdora, and she’s very satisfied with her purchase because of the picnic tote’s gourmet quality and excellent low price.

Enter the running for our next prize drawing in March by simply reviewing your purchase on Outdora. Start shopping today—and happy holidays!

Rescuing rats, one thousand at a time

San Jose Rodent RescueOutdora’s own team member Lauren Paul of Tech Services was involved in a recent rescue mission for a thousand rats. When she’s not working for Outdora, Lauren runs the Bay Area-based non-profit organization North Star Rescue. North Star is dedicated to the welfare of smaller companion animals including pet rabbits and rodents, and their volunteers provide a network of safe foster homes for hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, chinchillas, and more.

The San Jose Mercury News and the television show Hoarders of the A&E network have both covered North Star’s rescue of 1,000 rats from an overrun home in Los Angeles. One pregnant pet rat quickly turned into hundreds when the litters were unsupervised in the LA home, and the resulting broods were chewing through insulation and burrowing under the house until North Star stepped in.

Now after a large-scale rescue involving over 30 volunteers and climate-controlled trucks for transportation, the rats are taking up residence at Andy’s Pet Shop in San Jose where they will be rehabilitated and ready for adoption December 5.

All animal-lovers at Outdora offer sincere congratulations to Lauren Paul and North Star Rescue for their efforts. North Star is based in Novato, California, and they have additional adoption outposts in Danville, Sonoma, and Santa Rosa. Visit the North Star website for more information on their adoptable pets or to help shelter a recently rescued rodent.

Outdora at EggtoberWest on 10/10/10

Outdora’s Barbecue Stu and Sierra Select’s Ken Simons attended Sacramento’s Big Green Egg festival (aka EggtoberWest) last weekend and mingled with people who are passionate about their Big Green Egg.  Eggheads were serving up everything from Paella to Kangaroo on their beloved Egg.   Some highlights were captured on video.  Thanks to all who contributed.