The History of the Swimming Pool

The History of the Swimming PoolWhat is summertime without a free all access pass to the pool? Depending on where you live, the local swim club or gym with pool might be close to impossible to join, especially if the waiting list goes into the next year. Instead of sweltering outside on your patio during those balmy days, you can enjoy the sun from a cooler place…from a backyard leisure pool. Just imagine yourself floating around on a raft without a care in the world. How can you pass that up?

While the thought of having your own swimming pool is wonderful, this addition does require regular maintenance, and if you’re not conscious enough, it could aid in wastefulness with regard to water and electricity. Fortunately, there are environmentally friendly alternatives as well as accessories that can prevent your leisure pool from having a significant footprint.

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3 Tips for Creating Shade On Your Patio Paradise

There’s nothing quite like summer on the patio.  Cool drinks, hot sun and a warm breeze create a paradise just beyond your patio door.FIM Market Umbrella C

But you’ll want to limit your exposure to the sun somewhat and relax in a shady spot.  You can nap, read, snack or just daydream out of the sunshine while still enjoying the fresh air.

What are the best designs for creating shade on the patio?  It depends on your needs and the space available.

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Grilled Quail with Bing Cherry Compote from Sonoma Mission Inn’s Santé Restaurant

Sonoma Mission Inn's Santé Restaurant
Sonoma Mission Inn's Santé Restaurant

The Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn is a historic luxury hotel and spa in Sonoma Valley, and located within the hotel is the award-winning Santé Restaurant. Santé is a premier dining room offering the best of Wine Country dining and dishes inspired by the freshest local ingredients. Chef Andrew Cain has shared his recipe for Grilled Quail with Bing Cherry Compote, perfect for an outdoor dinner party at the peak of summer.

We recommend a built-in barbecue grill and durable outdoor cookware to prepare this savory dish outdoors—consider the 42 inch Built-In Lynx Grill or models made by Twin Eagles and Big Green Egg. For simmering the Bing Cherry Compote, try a Cast Iron Dutch Oven or Aluminum Stock Pot made by Bayou Classic.

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Feng Shui: Creating Harmonious and Well Balanced Space Using The 5 Element Theory

Being the daughter of a landscaper and of parents who grew up on a farm in the old country, I can truly appreciate the outdoors and the magic that it possesses.

So, when I learned about the Five Element Theory throughout my Feng Shui studies, it was a language that I instantly related to.  Feng Shui, is an energy based philosophy that deals with the art (design) and science (intention) of placement.  The Five Element theory is just one of many aspects of Feng Shui.

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How to Plan the Ultimate Solar Powered Backyard

solar path

Take a moment to answer the following questions: (1) Would you like to reduce your monthly electricity bill? (2) Are you an environmentally conscious individual? (3) Does your yard need some aesthetic improvements?

If the answer to all of these questions was a resounding “yes,” it’s time you considered an alternative method for updating your backyard. The solution is incorporating solar outdoor lights as well as solar powered landscaping accessories into your backyard so you can design the ultimate sanctuary for you, your family and friends.

When it comes to planning the look of your backyard, it’s beneficial to keep it simple, elegant and as maintenance free as possible. The sun is a free energy source that you could be tapping into, but maybe you need some light shed on this alternative so you can understand its advantages.

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Exclusive Grilled Pizza Recipe from Sonoma’s El Dorado Kitchen

Located in the heart of Sonoma (and right around the corner from the Outdora Showroom), the El Dorado Kitchen is one of wine country’s premier restaurants.   Known for its sophisticated ambiance and delectable California cuisine, the El Dorado Kitchen offers a unique dining experience exclusive to wine country.   Executive chef, Justin Everett was gracious enough to share his Roasted Tomato, Padron Pepper Grilled Pizza with  Outdora and we at Outdora are passing it on to you.

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