Make a Great Bonsai in a Few Easy Steps

bonsaiFor many, the term bonsai is equated with the concept of dwarf trees. In reality though, dwarf trees are those who have been grafted so that their short nature remains. This is very different from a bonsai that is pruned and remains in the same container for its entire life.

The birth of the bonsai can be found in Japan as early as the 14th century where only the rich could afford the “tree in the pot.” When Japan opened up in the mid-19th century, tourists from around the world had their first glance at the miniature trees growing in pots. For those who could not afford the trip to Japan, the 1900 Paris World Exhibition introduced the rest of the world to bonsais.

Today, creating a bonsai is relatively easy to do and once you get started this hobby will continue to grow. The following steps will help beginner create a successful bonsai on the first try.

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