Perfect Patio Designs For Your Unique Yard

Patio DesignLife in the backyard is better when you take the time to design your space well.  Keeping in mind what you want out of the area, as well as the condition and position of your yard will help create a design that is unique and perfect for you.

Existing Grade Conditions

Start with what you have.  Grading is an expensive and involved process to take on, so if it’s not entirely necessary try not to change any grading in the yard.  Slight elevations and shallow valleys can be altered to make for a more level lawn, but think long and hard before investing in retaining walls and major excavating.

Raised wooden or composite decks are your best option for a yard with noticeable slopes or rolling hills.  By installing your patio on a frame it will rise above the ground and you can avoid complicated grading work.

Stone patios need to be installed on level ground, but can be designed into any size and shape.  If you have a flat or semi-flat area in your yard, consider that the best spot for laying a patio.

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Re-creating a New England Cottage Style with Outdora

Painted Lighthouse Garden WeathervaneThoughts of New England easily fill the imagination with sailing, lighthouses, historical towns or maybe even clam chowder and maple syrup.  Whatever reminds you of New England, you’ll be sure to find an assortment of decor ideas to add that New England Cottage Style touch to your home with Outdora.

Welcoming guests to your home is the first opportunity to display a little New England panache.  Cottage yards are frequently decorated with traditional white picket fences accented with an arbour at the entry way gate.

Consider a majestic Lighthouse Vertical Wall Address Plaque made from recycled aluminum to allow visitors to easily find your home.  You may also want to add a Sailboat Solid Brass Doorbell or a Sailboat Solid Brass Door Knocker for a more nautical feel.  Adorn your front porch with a cozy Glider Bench accented by a Foldable Matching Adirondack Square Table and you’ll welcome visitors in style.

Another important decor feature of a typical New England cottage is a weathervane whose history in the U.S. dates back to President George Washington and his commemoration of a weathervane to signify the end of the American Revolution.  Choose from a Classic Copper Sailboat Weathervane, a Painted Lighthouse Weathervane, or a rust-free copper option in the Lighthouse Weathervane.

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5 Famous Addresses: Make Your Home Well-Known Too

Customized PlaqueNew York, California and Florida are some hot spots for many celebrity homes, and each mansion makes a unique statement of its own. First and foremost, these luxurious houses have an immediate visual impact because of their immense size and upscale exterior design. Another feature that makes these residences so incredible are the entryways. The front of your home is what most people notice first, but even if you’re not a celebrity, you can still create an inviting and high-end appearance. One place to start it is by adding or updating your decorative address plaques.

But before you move forward and start searching for address plaques, it’s best to learn from the pros. These following five celebrity homes are great examples to help you enhance your curb appeal.

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How to Craft the Maximum Curb Appeal For Your Home

First impressions are always important and real estate is no exception.  Take pride in your home and make sure to make a great first impression by creating curb appeal.

Everything to do with the front of your home (facing the curb) plays a part.  From the front door to the landscaping and architectural details, each little aspect adds up to the overall impression your house makes.  Curb appeal comes into play when your home is on the market, but should also be an essential part of your exterior decorating at any time.

How to Craft the Maximum Curb Appeal For Your Home

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Creating a Private Space for Outdoor Solitude

Relaxing on a HammockEscaping the house and heading into the yard is all about fresh air and sunshine.  We want to feel that warm breeze, hear the birds and smell the flowers.  Sometimes that means running around the lawn or digging in the gardens or washing the car in the driveway.

Other times you might want some much needed privacy.  Like breathing room to have a nap, read or just rest awhile.  And unless you live in a rural area, that can be difficult to do when all of the neighbors are hanging out in their yards too.

It’s important to create areas of privacy on your patio and in your yard.  With plantings and hardscaping you can bask in the open air and sunlight while enjoying privacy and solitude. Continue reading “Creating a Private Space for Outdoor Solitude”

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The History of the Swimming Pool

The History of the Swimming PoolWhat is summertime without a free all access pass to the pool? Depending on where you live, the local swim club or gym with pool might be close to impossible to join, especially if the waiting list goes into the next year. Instead of sweltering outside on your patio during those balmy days, you can enjoy the sun from a cooler place…from a backyard leisure pool. Just imagine yourself floating around on a raft without a care in the world. How can you pass that up?

While the thought of having your own swimming pool is wonderful, this addition does require regular maintenance, and if you’re not conscious enough, it could aid in wastefulness with regard to water and electricity. Fortunately, there are environmentally friendly alternatives as well as accessories that can prevent your leisure pool from having a significant footprint.

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