How To Make Basic Worty Wine

herbal wineBefore the concept of wine being made from grapes was in existence, our ancestors were creating an alcoholic beverage from what was in the environment.  Evidence for this can be found in several archaeological sites throughout the world and even our language shows the evolution of winemaking through the word worty.  The word worty had its humble beginnings in Old English where it was spelled wyrt.  This word then evolved to worty, which translates into liquor created from mashed and fermented leaves.

The first step to this process to make worty is to harvest your plant material.  This can be any plant material that is safe for human consumption.  When harvesting this material only choose plant material that is organically grown.  For this process, you will need 3 to 4 quarts of fresh plant material.

Once the plant material has been picked, thoroughly wash the plant material and let it drain.  While it is draining, wash and/or sterilize all the materials that will be involved in the process.  These materials include 1 large container that is glass, ceramic, enameled metal, or stainless steel, 1 plate or lid, 1 sieve or cheese cloth, 1 large stainless steel or enameled pot, 1 drinking glass, 1 crock made from food-grade plastic or ceramic, several bottles with screw-on caps or new corks or jars with screw-on lids, and a siphon.  Once these materials have been gathered prepare to sterilize the equipment.  This can be done by soaking the items in 2 tablespoons of chlorine bleach to 1 gallon of water, rinsing and letting air dry.  Another approach that can only be used for non-plastic items is to boil the items for 10 minutes and let air-dry.

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How to Make Wine From Fresh Grapes

vineyard imageWine is a drink that has been made for centuries.  It consists of grapes, sugar, and yeast that are allowed to ferment until gas stops being released.  Once that is done, the beverage is bottled up and stored so that the flavors can mellow and sweeten with age.

The preparation of the grapes slightly differs according to the type of wine that is being made.  Red wine is made from the juice, skins, and seeds of red grapes while white wine is made from white grape juice only.

To begin the wine making process requires that every piece of equipment be sanitized.  This includes one 2 to 4 gallon food-grade pail with lid, plastic tubing half-inch in diameter, two 1-gallon glass jugs, fermentation lock and bung, five large wine bottles, and one potato masher.

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The Simplest Wine To Make In The World – Milk Jug Wine

milk jug wineHuman ingenuity is a beautiful thing and, when combined with grapes, turns out a pretty good wine.  A simple and inexpensive wine can be made by anyone that has a plastic milk jug, grape juice, yeast and a balloon.

To begin this process one will need to gather and clean a one-gallon milk jug.  Make sure it is clean as possible before moving on to the next step.  Milk residue and wine do not mix. The remaining items you will need for your wine making includes a balloon, straight pin, funnel and a measuring cup.

After you have gathered the household items, it is time to get the ingredients together that will be turned into wine.  You will need three cans of 100 percent frozen grape juice for a total of 144 fluid ounces.  You will also need sugar and yeast.  There is much debate on what type of yeast to use for this type of wine.  You can use baker’s yeast that you find in the grocery store but it will give your wine a strong taste.  If you like a milder tasting wine, then use wine yeast.

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