Designing a Kid’s Weather Station Garden

Jeffersonian Wind GaugeAs school budgets across the nation get cut and kids are expected to know more, parents need to supplement their children’s’ curriculum by creating teaching moments in their own home.  This can be done in a stylish way that incorporates beauty while addressing kids natural curiosity.

To begin this process, analyze what you already have and how that ties into the interest of your child.  Does your child want to explore rain amounts for their local area or is wind something that they always have questions about. Outdora is a great place to explore together these options such as thermometers, hygrometers, Jeffersonian wind Gauge, and/or rain gauges.  After picking the tools needed to create a kids weather station garden, one needs to pick the location for that garden.

Location is very important for this type of garden.  It needs to be placed in an area that is not blocked by houses, trees, or any other type of structure that would impede the natural movement of rain or wind.  It also needs to be placed close to the home so that the child does not have to “hike” to enjoy their weather station garden.  Once all these factors have been taken into consideration the next step is to plant together the plant material that will go into this educational garden.

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