10 Interesting Facts about California Wine Country

winefactstoastNorthern California wine country is one of the most renowned wine producing regions in the world.   We, at Outdora, are proud of our wine country origin and would like to share some interesting facts about our homeland.

1)      Northern California wine country consists of Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino counties.

2)      Sonoma Valley is considered the birthplace of California wine country.

3)      “Sonoma” is a word derived from Native Americans which means “Valley of the Moon”.

4)      Sonoma Plaza is the largest town plaza in California today. It is 8 acres in size and was laid out by General Mariano Vallejo in 1835.  It’s also only a half-block from the Outdora showroom!

5)      There are more growers in Sonoma county than Napa (1,800/Sonoma vs. 1,000/Napa) but more bonded wineries in Napa county (700/Napa vs. 505/Sonoma).

6)      After Disneyland, wineries and vineyards are the second most popular tourist destination in California.

7)      California is the No. 4 wine producer in the world, after France, Italy and Spain.

8)      California accounts for more than 90% of total U.S. wine production.

9)      Approximately two out of every three bottles of wine sold in the United States was produced in California.

10)   A California wine with a vintage date must be made from at least 95% of grapes harvested in the designated year.

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