Add a Touch of Whimsy to Any Garden Space with Decorative Sculptures by Outdora

sunflower_sculptureA garden space is not limited to plant material, but can also include decorative elements, such as stepping-stones, birdbaths, and decorative containers.  Did you know that decorative sculptures are not limited to European plazas or museums?  They can also be used in the home garden, but before you think that your home needs to be a castle to be able to afford decorative art, lets take a look at what Outdora sells and how to use it.

Brown Thumb Gardeners

Brown thumb gardeners can have a hard time creating and maintaining a healthy garden.  Many gardens owned by this type of gardener can be seen as full of weeds and/or dead plant material.  A simple solution to this problem is through the use of garden sculptures.  Outdora sells many styles that mimic their natural counterparts.  This includes several that look like flowers. Sprinkling a few natural rust patina garden iris or lily sculptures can go a long way in brightening up a brown thumb gardener’s space.  The best part of using these “flowers” is that even the least experienced gardener can grow them.

Experienced Gardener

Experienced gardeners do not have a problem growing plant material but sometimes their gardens lack personality or whimsy.  Their gardens will be full of beautiful blooming masses.  While the gardens may look beautiful there is always that one spot.  That spot that every gardener has in his or her landscape.  It may be too wet, too dry, too shady, and too sunny or have a slope, but regardless of the problem it can still be beautiful with a little help from Outdora.

Wet areas, that you want to keep natural looking, could use a few natural rust patina cattail gardens, to improve the view.  Areas where flowers are desired could be filled in with a few natural rust patina daffodil sculptures.

Urban Homesteaders or Urban Dwellers

Whether you own a farm, are an urban homesteader or dream of being a farmer; decorative sculptures can create a low-maintance version of rural life.  While this sculpture cannot be harvested, the natural rust patina sunflower can create that rural feeling from long ago.

Placed in the vegetable garden, it can add curiosity and humor to the barren space while the gardeners are waiting for their plants to germinate.

If you are a gardener without land, do not worry.  These decorative sculptures look wonderful along a windowsill or arranged in a container as a container garden.  The fact that they come in two sizes allows one to create a more realistic arrangement.  Instead of limiting your “decorative garden” to a horizontal plane, consider filling a window box with these metal flowers.

Seasonal Change Gardener

A seasonal change gardener is one that likes to change up their garden according to the seasons.  Spring can be welcomed into the garden space by the presence of a daffodil sculpture while the summer beckons the iris and lily statuette.  If the sunflower sculpture is teamed up with a homemade scarecrow, straw bales, gourds, and pumpkins, the garden space is instantly transformed into a fall playground.  That beckons apples, warm cider, and a cozy fire.

Regardless of the type of gardener you may be, Outdora has the decorative sculpture that meets your need.  The only problem you will have is deciding which one of these lovely sculptures to choose.  When in doubt though, why not choose all five.


Jennifer Boukather has been in the culinary arts as an executive chef for over 10 years. She specializes in the Pacific Northwest cuisine with global fusion and has worked with some of the most credible pit masters in the States. She has a vast knowledge in barbeques and prides her caveman instincts with all types of grilling techniques.

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