5 Ways to Prepare Your Backyard for Guests

There’s nothing like getting ready for guests during the summer months.  Backyard preparation can be easy if you start early and have a plan for what you need to tackle.  Decide what areas of your yard need attention, and what activities you want your guests to enjoy. Whether the activities will be lounging, grilling, or playing in the yard, here’s 5 ways to prepare your backyard for guests.

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1) Clearing Debris: Walk around the exterior of your home and pick up debris.  When guests come over, they will be in areas of your backyard, which you don’t usually think about. Pressure wash concrete, pool deck, and paver walkways to remove dirt and mildew.  Walk through the lawn and pick up dead branches, and mow 1-2 days prior to your guests arriving. This gives times for fresh grass to settle and clippings won’t still linger.

2) Preparing the Patio & Pool: Clean patio furniture cushions with mild detergent. If covers are removable, machine wash and let them air dry. For umbrellas, awnings, and other outdoor fabrics wash with a garden hose and let air dry 1-2 days before entertaining. In pool and pond areas make sure they are clean and inviting. Consider hiring a professional if the task seems daunting. Often times, hiring a professional will be faster, and they will use products that will keep your pool and pond cleaner, longer.

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Re-creating a French Countryside Garden with Outdora

Claude MonetThe allure of the French countryside has long since inspired artists from around the world as through the gardens and paintings of Claude Monet.  Just over an hour outside of Paris, the magnificent garden of Monet in Giverny is a dimensional array of colors, flower varietals, and of course, home to the famous lily pond.

The key to re-creating your own Monet-style garden is to allow flowers to grow naturally with no organization other than to group them according to color.  Visual interest can be created by planting flowers of varying heights and by choosing selections that will bloom throughout the seasons.

As if to welcome visitors, a bed of yellow Sunflowers stands proudly at the front of Monet’s house.  The Natural Rust Patina Sunflower Garden Sculpture (available in two sizes) can be grouped together with the Natural Rust Patina Iris Garden Sculpture to create a Monet inspired bouquet of cheerful flowers.

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Creating a Private Space for Outdoor Solitude

Relaxing on a HammockEscaping the house and heading into the yard is all about fresh air and sunshine.  We want to feel that warm breeze, hear the birds and smell the flowers.  Sometimes that means running around the lawn or digging in the gardens or washing the car in the driveway.

Other times you might want some much needed privacy.  Like breathing room to have a nap, read or just rest awhile.  And unless you live in a rural area, that can be difficult to do when all of the neighbors are hanging out in their yards too.

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The History of the Swimming Pool

The History of the Swimming PoolWhat is summertime without a free all access pass to the pool? Depending on where you live, the local swim club or gym with pool might be close to impossible to join, especially if the waiting list goes into the next year. Instead of sweltering outside on your patio during those balmy days, you can enjoy the sun from a cooler place…from a backyard leisure pool. Just imagine yourself floating around on a raft without a care in the world. How can you pass that up?

While the thought of having your own swimming pool is wonderful, this addition does require regular maintenance, and if you’re not conscious enough, it could aid in wastefulness with regard to water and electricity. Fortunately, there are environmentally friendly alternatives as well as accessories that can prevent your leisure pool from having a significant footprint.

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