The History of Rain & Why Harvesting the Cloud’s Tears Matters

Rain puddleDrip, drip, drip…the sound of your faucet dripping when not in use should definitely make you cringe. The United Nations predicts that by the year 2025, 48 nations or 2.8 billion people will experience a freshwater shortage. This projection seems far out of reach, because in the United States, freshwater seems to be readily available almost everywhere — park water fountains, bottled water in stores, public and residential bathrooms, etc. Where is our water going to go in the next 15 years?

Humans require water for a variety of activities — drinking, bathing, swimming, etc. For each bath we take, approximately 151 liters of water is dirtied. If you take a five minute shower every day, you use more water than what a person in a developing country uses in 24 hours. Along with personal hygiene, a large part of our water goes to agricultural purposes — hydrating livestock and irrigating the land.

Water has always had a significant role in our society, but now it’s time to show our appreciation for this renewable resource and conserve as much as possible.

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10 Interesting Facts about the Sun

Green SunThe sun is a powerful source of energy and has been used for centuries.  In fact, its history goes as far back as 7th century BC, when magnifying glasses were used to concentrate the sun’s rays to start fires.

How much do you know about the sun?  Here are some fun facts to get you started.

  1. The Sun makes up about 99.8% of the weight of our entire solar system.
  2. The Sun is about 4.5 billion years old and is expected to shine for another 5 billion years.
  3. The sun is also known as the “yellow dwarf star”.
  4. 75% of all the stars in the Universe are smaller and less massive than the Sun.
  5. The sun is about 92.96 million miles away and is the closest star to Earth.
  6. The sun’s temperature is about 27 million degrees Fahrenheit at its core (that equates to 15 million degrees Celsius).
  7. Energy from the sun comes in the forms of light and heat. Light from Sun takes about 8 minutes to reach Earth
  8. Only the Sun’s exterior shines bright, while its inside is entirely dark.  If the outside of the sun were to disappear, so would the glow.
  9. Gravity holds the Sun together.
  10. In just one hour, the earth receives more energy from the sun than the whole world uses in an an entire year.

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Have a Worm Farm You Can Be Proud Of

Tumbleweed Worm FarmThe thought of wriggly worms in your compost bin might give you the heebie jeebies, but it’s really not as awful as you may think. Starting your own worm farm can be beneficial not only for the environment, but the resulting compost can significantly improve your soil, which will make your flowers bloom brighter and your vegetables grow bigger. Who can turn their nose up at that?

Although you might not be thrilled to add worms to your existing compost bin, you could always enlist a family member who isn’t so skittish. Teaching your children how to start their own compost bin will instill them with eco-friendly values and prepare them for an independent future. Once we look into the advantages of vermicomposting, you might put your hesitance aside.

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How to Plan the Ultimate Solar Powered Backyard

solar path

Take a moment to answer the following questions: (1) Would you like to reduce your monthly electricity bill? (2) Are you an environmentally conscious individual? (3) Does your yard need some aesthetic improvements?

If the answer to all of these questions was a resounding “yes,” it’s time you considered an alternative method for updating your backyard. The solution is incorporating solar outdoor lights as well as solar powered landscaping accessories into your backyard so you can design the ultimate sanctuary for you, your family and friends.

When it comes to planning the look of your backyard, it’s beneficial to keep it simple, elegant and as maintenance free as possible. The sun is a free energy source that you could be tapping into, but maybe you need some light shed on this alternative so you can understand its advantages.

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