DIY Garden Design for the Garden Shed

Garden ShedThe garden shed while function and beautiful occupies the most unused and unappreciated garden space.  Garden sheds typically have been placed in out of the way locations but close enough to be convenient to the garden.  And while stylish and functional that have been left out of the normal gardening design.  But there is no reason why a garden shed cannot be practical not only from storage but also as a stunning garden space.

Garden sheds provide large amounts of gardening space both horizontally and vertically.  The horizontal space can be planted just as a normal garden but keep in mind that there does exist so considerations that need to be thought through.  First the amount of foot or machinery traffic needs to be thought out.  Nothing beats planting a beautiful bed of tender perennials to find that they do not survive being stepped on.  Also whether there is any hardscape around the garden shed such as pea gravel, rock, concrete, or asphalt.  All these will have to be added to the design plans along with where the garden shed is entered and by what path.  If the hardscape is not the convenient way of getting to the garden shed this also will need to be considered.

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Think Outside the Box: The Top Ways to Use a Backyard Shed

Garden ShedAre you finding it hard to organize your life within the perimeters of your home? Building onto your house can be a costly expense, and you also have to survive the construction process, which is usually long and drawn out. An alternative option that will give you some sanity back almost immediately is a backyard garden shed. This is an affordable option that can be setup in less than a day’s work. Although metal and vinyl sheds are commonly used for storage purposes, you can think outside the box and achieve your goals.

Before purchasing an outdoor shed, it’s wise to consider the limitations of your home and what you’re hoping to accomplish with this structure. For instance, if you’re going to start your own business or utilize your workout equipment, you’re probably going to want a larger space that has sufficient insulation. On the other hand, you might just need a smaller yet durable structure to store holiday decorations.

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Designing a Kid’s Weather Station Garden

Jeffersonian Wind GaugeAs school budgets across the nation get cut and kids are expected to know more, parents need to supplement their children’s’ curriculum by creating teaching moments in their own home.  This can be done in a stylish way that incorporates beauty while addressing kids natural curiosity.

To begin this process, analyze what you already have and how that ties into the interest of your child.  Does your child want to explore rain amounts for their local area or is wind something that they always have questions about. Outdora is a great place to explore together these options such as thermometers, hygrometers, Jeffersonian wind Gauge, and/or rain gauges.  After picking the tools needed to create a kids weather station garden, one needs to pick the location for that garden.

Location is very important for this type of garden.  It needs to be placed in an area that is not blocked by houses, trees, or any other type of structure that would impede the natural movement of rain or wind.  It also needs to be placed close to the home so that the child does not have to “hike” to enjoy their weather station garden.  Once all these factors have been taken into consideration the next step is to plant together the plant material that will go into this educational garden.

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Music of the Spheres in Pop Culture (with a 10% Coupon off MOTS Wind Chimes)

Music of the Spheres Wind ChimesThe reverberating sound of chimes can be mesmerizing, and music therapy has been used to heal the mind, body and soul. Does your mood change when you listen to classical or upbeat music? Well, the wind chime can also have a profound effect on your overall state of being. From reducing stress and anger to connecting your mind with a sense of peace, the elegant chimes can have a restorative power. They are also an element of Feng Shui and can re-establish balance and harmony in your space.

Music of the Spheres wind chimes can add elegance and entertainment to your outdoor space. These chimes are made from black, powder-coated, aluminum alloy tubing, which gives them a chic look. You can choose from six sizes that span four octaves, and one model is an astounding 14 feet high! These wind chimes can make a lasting presence in your home and bring a rich sound to your ear. After all, they are known as the Stradivarius of wind chimes.

For the pre-Christmas wind chime sale, some of Music of the Spheres models are already marked down to almost 40% off. However, Outdora is offering an additional 10% off when you use coupon code MOTS10 from now until Nov. 29. Some believe the wind chime is good luck, and you can reap that good fortune now!

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History of the Nativity Scene: From Around the World to Your Home

Nativity SceneA Christmas tradition for hundreds of years, the Nativity Scene has a rich history that spans across cultures and involves its share of controversy.  Also known as the “crèche,” this decoration commonly found in homes across North America began in a much different state and time.

Almost 800 Years Ago…

The idea and creation of the first nativity scene is credited to St. Francis of Assisi.  Back in 1223 Francis was stationed in Greccio, Italy after having returned from a trip to Acre and Egypt.  The nativity had certainly been represented in art before, but never in the three dimensional form and for the purpose that Francis envisioned.

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Winterizing Your Yard: Accessories to Help You Survive Those Months of Hibernation

Prepare Your Home for WinterThe first snowfall of the year can be a magical experience — the white snowflakes can be so hypnotizing, and your yard becomes a winter wonderland. It’s even better when you get to share that moment with a loved one. This season wouldn’t be so bad if you could live in your robe and drink hot cocoa every day. Unfortunately, the reality of it is that you have to drive on the icy roads to get to work and try to heat your home in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Winterizing your home is an effective process that you can carry out on an annual basis. Before the snowfall hits don’t you want to know whether your heat works and how much wood you have left from last year? Preparing for this season involves activities such as stocking the pantry and ensuring that your car and other outdoor belongings are protected from the weather. When it comes to your yard, there are a few essential accessories that can help you survive until spring’s revival.

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Backyard Horrors: Stir Up Something Unearthly This Halloween

Happy Halloween from OutdoraThere is no doubt that Halloween is a holiday for children, but you can also decorate for the child inside you too. The best way to get into the haunting spirit is to transform your domain from the inside out for the spooktacular month of October. You can find inspiration from the falling leaves and bare tree limbs to the chilling, dark nights. Enhancing these potentially eerie elements that already exist in your backyard is the perfect way to start.

There are so many ways you can interpret Halloween. Depending on the age of children in your home and neighborhood, you might want a less frightening appearance. Or if you’re the queen or king of scream, kicking it up a notch to shuddersome imagery and mythical trimmings might be the plan to go with. Whether you design your yard to be kid friendly or ghastly enough to frighten the pants of passerby, there are some basic elements you will want to incorporate into the setting.

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Ancient and Colorful History of Weathervanes

World's Largest WeathervaneBefore there were satellites, computers and highly scientific devices to measure weather patterns, there was one thing people depended on.  Weathervanes have a long history of use that began in ancient times and spread across the globe.  Although today’s copper roof toppers may be considered more decorative than functional, weathervanes are still useful and reminiscent of early technology.


The ancient Mesopotamians mentioned the use of weathervanes in their writings of over 3500 years ago.  And in the second century B.C., Chinese were using strings and flags in a similar way to predict wind and weather patterns.

But when thinking about a “true” weathervane, the first use is most often attributed to a Greek astrologer named Andronicus.  His bronze sculpture of the god Triton could be seen in Athens on the tip of the Tower of the Winds around 48 B.C.  It was somewhere between 4 and 8 feet long.  The Tower itself had eight faces (being built in an octagon shape) and one of the eight wind deities were pictured on each face.  When Triton pointed from his perch, it indicated which deity was controlling the wind that day.

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DIY Landscape Design: Planning the Front Door Landscape

Front Door LandscapeThe spur for home improvement occurs in the spring and fall.  Everyone wakes from winter slumber wanting something new, fresh, and bright while fall awakens the need for a slower life, muted tones, and the smell of a crackling fire.  But while we are feverishly changing accessories inside the home and planting seasonal vegetation we commonly overlook the landscaping around our front door.

This area is one that is commonly overlooked because we assume that merely landscaping the front yard will address that very special area but not necessarily.  In landscaping the front door is the entrance or gateway to your home and much like you give directions to the pizza guy, a homeowner must guide the visitor to where it is appropriate to enter the home.  This map or landscape GPS to the front door is in the form of non-verbal communication that includes sidewalks, stepping-stones, and door color.

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Autumn Leaf Management: Tools to Make That Backbreaking Job Easier

Autumn Leaf ManagementWhen the blustery, fall winds kick up, a cascading display of leaves takes over the sky. Autumn is a beautiful time of year, even though it does mark the end of summer. Until next spring, you’re not going to see rich colors in nature for a while, so it’s worthwhile to relish in the changes before the white of winter sets in. Raking leaves might not be the way you envision enjoying a crisp October day, but it’s a task you will want to tackle if preserving your lawn is important to you.

Ever watch your neighbors working outside during the changing seasons? Some are lackadaisical with the yard maintenance while others seem to be out there every day working on something whether it’s mowing, raking leaves, snow blowing, etc. Of course, every homeowner is different — some prefer to bag the grass clippings while others don’t mind and the same goes for leaves. For some people, it’s true that raking leaves is an aesthetic choice, but the reason behind collecting the fall foliage is more than just that.

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