The Diverse History of the Fleur-de-lis Symbol

Fleur-de-lisIt may bring visions of fabulous French countryside or notoriously lavish French rulers to mind.  But the Fleur-de-lis symbol has a history that goes well beyond your initial thought.  This classic symbol is used with pride all across the globe and has intriguing, mysterious and even glorious stories behind it.


Fleur-de-lis means literally the (de) Lily (lis) Flower (fleur).  In Elizabethan times the iris was also called the fleur-de-lis and strangely enough, the symbol resembles the iris much more than a lily.

Historical Symbolism

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Welcome Autumn into Your Home: The Big Transition Between Summer and Fall

Fall LeafStarting back to school, cleaning out your den, falling back into bed for that one more hour, driving down the back roads to watch the changing leaves — what does fall mean to you?

Almost without warning, fall makes a quiet and subtle presence that interrupts those dog days of summer. To some, this initial change is unnoticeable, but to others, it’s just all too familiar. Maybe you smell it in the breeze or see its colors in a few of the trees’ leaves. Whether you catch wind of it early or not, the autumn transition makes its debut, and it becomes time to say goodbye to summer. Although you might feel some sorrow knowing that those hot, sunny days are long gone, it’s comforting to realize that there is a brand new season to welcome into your arms.

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The Telling of Time: Keep Your Eye on the Passing Minutes with an Outdoor Clock

Outdoor ClocksTick, tock, tick, tock — there is no denying that Father Time is almost always on our minds. Whether you’re waiting to leave work for the weekend or working hard to finish a project before the deadline, the hours, minutes and seconds matter. Although our bodies have an internal clock (circadian rhythm), which affects our sleeping and waking habits, it’s not always easy rising early without an aid. From sundials to hourglasses to old-fashioned bell clocks, being aware of the hour is now an important part of our culture.

There are 24 hours or roughly 1,440 minutes in a day. Once an hour has passed you by, unfortunately, there is no getting it back. During the waking hours between the moment when the sun rises and sets, it’s the most common time to accomplish activities, but there are night owls out there who prefer working in the twilight hours. Regardless of when you like to be awake, there is a limited window for you to get things done. Even though our society tries to make more time, it’s a losing battle because the truth on the hour and minute hand stares us right back.

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Encouraging Birds Rewards with Wonderful Garden Guests

Bird bathing in a birdbathOne of the joys of gardening is the growth of knowledge, not only of the plants around us, but the way in which the natural environment plays a vital role in any horticulturist’s plans. Climate plays a fundamental role in garden sustainability and hills or trees affect plans for designs.  Plus helping wildlife becomes an increasingly important role for many.

In addition to the simple joy of seeing such creatures in our own spaces, wildlife can provide a rewarding organic pest control and therefore, helping them along is the least that we can do.

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5 Musts for Outdoor Evening Entertaining

Entertaining outdoors is a perfect way to invite guests into your home and enjoy the nighttime air at the same time.  Depending on your climate and the season, evening entertaining can have challenges that we don’t think about when we are inside the house. Climate control, lighting, and aesthetics are somewhat automatic inside the house. Outdoor evening entertaining can be simple with planning and some simple ideas for your next get-together.

Evening Entertaining

LIGHTING: Determine the theme of your evening event. If you are planning on having a few close friends over, and the mood is intimate – candles and soft lighting are a good idea. Create a soft atmosphere with hurricane lamps and lanterns. If you’re looking for a more energetic evening, consider strings of outdoor lights in trees, and around your patio area.  Lighting is essential around the dinner table, serving, and conversation areas.

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5 Famous Addresses: Make Your Home Well-Known Too

Customized PlaqueNew York, California and Florida are some hot spots for many celebrity homes, and each mansion makes a unique statement of its own. First and foremost, these luxurious houses have an immediate visual impact because of their immense size and upscale exterior design. Another feature that makes these residences so incredible are the entryways. The front of your home is what most people notice first, but even if you’re not a celebrity, you can still create an inviting and high-end appearance. One place to start it is by adding or updating your decorative address plaques.

But before you move forward and start searching for address plaques, it’s best to learn from the pros. These following five celebrity homes are great examples to help you enhance your curb appeal.

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How to Craft the Maximum Curb Appeal For Your Home

First impressions are always important and real estate is no exception.  Take pride in your home and make sure to make a great first impression by creating curb appeal.

Everything to do with the front of your home (facing the curb) plays a part.  From the front door to the landscaping and architectural details, each little aspect adds up to the overall impression your house makes.  Curb appeal comes into play when your home is on the market, but should also be an essential part of your exterior decorating at any time.

How to Craft the Maximum Curb Appeal For Your Home

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