Outdora Awarded by Twin Eagles as Top Retailer!

Just in time to ring in the 2012 Barbecue Season, Outdora was awarded a top retailer award by Twin Eagles, manufacturer of luxury outdoor kitchen grills.

The Outdora Showroom, located a half-block off the Sonoma plaza, displays high-end outdoor kitchen appliances including a full Twin Eagles island featuring a 36″ Twin Eagles Built-In Grill with Rotisserie & IR Sear Zone, Double Access Doors, Dine and Breakfast Club, Door and Drawer Combo, Pullout Paper Towel Drawer and Wide Outdoor Bar.

Don’t fret if you live outside the San Francisco Bay area, as all Twin Eagles products are for sale on Outdora’s ecommerce site.   Outdora offers free shipping in the contiguous USA and no sales tax outside of California.

So, why not welcome the barbeque season with a Twin Eagles Grill from their top retailer?  Call Outdora today for more information.  877-688-3672.

Stuart & Christina Twin Eagles

Go Green – Your Guide to an Eco Friendly Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor_kitchenGoing green is becoming more popular these days, with people becoming more eco conscious and recognizing that going green is a great way to be kind to the environment and save a few bucks. Here are some tips on making your outdoor kitchen more eco-friendly, with the focus being your grill and refrigerator since these are the two major appliances you will see in most outdoor kitchens.

When designing any outdoor kitchen the first thing you pick out is a grill, which sets the tone for the other appliances. Most outdoor kitchens have gas grills, so I will begin there and as for charcoal grills, I will shed a little light on that subject later in the article, addressing an alternative to the not so eco-friendly lump of coal.

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Choosing a Built In Grill For Your Outdoor Kitchen

Lynx Built In IslandSo you have decided to take the plunge and build your own outdoor kitchen. It can be a daunting project that requires a large amount of time and labor, but the end result will be well worth it. The most important decision that you now face is what type of grill insert to install. The grill will be the most used piece of the kitchen and must match the surrounding décor. It needs to also last for years to come. When shopping for a built-in grill insert it is easy to get carried away by size and features, but to find the perfect grill for you it is important to ask the following three questions:

  1. How many people do I plan on cooking for on a regular basis?
  2. What types of foods do I enjoy cooking?
  3. What grilling techniques do I most often use?

The answers to these three questions will help you to decide which of the many inserts to choose from.

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How the Wood Fired Pizza Oven Has Evolved Over the Years

Pizza OvenWho can deny the absolutely exquisite taste of homemade baking in a wood fired pizza oven?  Whether it is pizza or a loaf of bread, the delicious warmth that these ovens deliver is unmatched.  That distinctive flavor is still sought after today, from high end restaurants to fast food joints on the corner and most of all, in your own home.

People have been using wood fired baking or cooking for centuries – from the early Roman period right up to today.  Excavations have uncovered wood fired ovens in a variety of ancient civilizations.  Could pizza have been a family favorite even back then?

When visiting Pompeii in southern Italy you’ll be amazed at the eerie preservation of this seaside city.  From the cobblestones right down to the mosaics and of course, Pompeii’s brick ovens – the town has been frozen in time for almost two thousand years.  Some say that pizza could be baked in those ancient ovens today after making only a few minor adjustments.

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Simple Guidelines for Planning a Summer Outdoor Kitchen

cal-flame-outdoor-kitchen-cabinetsWhen planning and laying out your in-home kitchen, careful consideration is put to efficiency and aesthetics.  These same guidelines can be the basis of design for your summer outdoor kitchen.  Whether you decide to design your summer kitchen on your own, or choose to hire a professional, these simple tips will help you decide how to have the perfect summer kitchen for you and your family.

LOCATION: When deciding on where your summer kitchen should be located, keep these tips in mind.  Try to locate the summer kitchen in an area of your backyard that allows the most flexibility in entertaining, serving food, and accessing the main house.  Locating a summer kitchen in a far remote section of the yard will create fatigue for the cook, and inconvenience for the guests.  Locate the summer kitchen adjacent to the back patio area, pool, and patio entrance to the home. This way guests are engaged in eating and recreation, and the cook has close access to the indoor kitchen.

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5 Criteria for Choosing a Professional Luxury Grill for Your Home

lynxOutdoor grilling has long become the official past-time for enjoying great food and enjoying the outdoors.  For those that dabble in grilling, the average home improvement store grill might be sufficient for your cooking needs. Although, if you are a connoisseur of grilling and want to have a true culinary experience, you need a luxury professional grill.  The investment that is spent on the front end will last a lifetime, and you will never want to venture back to home improvement store grills again.  Here are some tips for choosing a professional grill for your home.

LIFESTYLE: The same diligence you spend when choosing a car or home, is the same care you should spend when choosing a grill.  Consider your lifestyle and what amenities will satisfy your family and entertaining needs.  Decide if you would prefer the versatile portability of a freestanding grill, or if you plan on having a permanent summer kitchen. Both offer a variety of sizes, accessories, and options to get you grilling like a pro.

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