How to Disguise an Unsightly Patio Wall or Backyard View

blank_wallAs you ease into your favorite patio chair and reach for that tall glass of iced tea, IT catches your eye. “It” could be an unsightly patio wall or your neighbor’s idea of a backyard design—an unkempt lawn strewn with toys. Either way, the mood is lost, but fear not, you can fix either of these irritations in just a weekend.

Wall of shame

Give an unsightly patio wall a facelift with a cover of foliage and flowers in three steps: hide the eyesore, add a focal point and accessorize with existing container plants and garden art or a few new purchases.

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Essential Supplies for Your Outdoor Soirée

CanopyFor many of life’s celebrations an outdoor party is a perfect way to mark the occasion.  Weddings, holidays, victories and simply because you like to hang out together, throwing a soiree on the patio is great fun.

How can you transform your backyard living space into the ideal location for a party of any size?  With the right supplies and a sense of adventure, every yard can get ready for the year’s best bash.

Cozy Comfort

Your guests need to be comfortable and have the space to relax without standing in your flower beds or perching on a windowsill.  Extending your patio or deck may not be an option, but you can easily create more space by creating a patio setting out on the lawn.

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Perfect Patio Designs For Your Unique Yard

Patio DesignLife in the backyard is better when you take the time to design your space well.  Keeping in mind what you want out of the area, as well as the condition and position of your yard will help create a design that is unique and perfect for you.

Existing Grade Conditions

Start with what you have.  Grading is an expensive and involved process to take on, so if it’s not entirely necessary try not to change any grading in the yard.  Slight elevations and shallow valleys can be altered to make for a more level lawn, but think long and hard before investing in retaining walls and major excavating.

Raised wooden or composite decks are your best option for a yard with noticeable slopes or rolling hills.  By installing your patio on a frame it will rise above the ground and you can avoid complicated grading work.

Stone patios need to be installed on level ground, but can be designed into any size and shape.  If you have a flat or semi-flat area in your yard, consider that the best spot for laying a patio.

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3 Tips for Creating Shade On Your Patio Paradise

There’s nothing quite like summer on the patio.  Cool drinks, hot sun and a warm breeze create a paradise just beyond your patio door.FIM Market Umbrella C

But you’ll want to limit your exposure to the sun somewhat and relax in a shady spot.  You can nap, read, snack or just daydream out of the sunshine while still enjoying the fresh air.

What are the best designs for creating shade on the patio?  It depends on your needs and the space available.

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