A Low Calorie New Year

Pizza-ovenAh Christmas, a holiday well known for it’s indulgences, and with Thanksgiving still in the rear view it’s most common for people to notice their resemblance to old Saint Nick. Looking ahead, let’s start the New Year’s off right with a resolution to blow the dust off of that gym membership.

Most people like to find ways to diet without surrendering their favorite dish completely; pizza tends to be the most addictive. Many dieters find it difficult to jog by a pizza parlor without stopping. Those that have the will power to jog by find themselves digging deep into their bank accounts to purchase brick oven pizzas, which believe it or not, can fit into any diet plan without weighing it down. Pizzas baked in those fiery brick pizza ovens have less fat and therefore less calories, unfortunately their prices can’t be negotiated. Using the same baking techniques at home can keep both calories and expenses low. Let’s compare a few to give you a view of the options.

Earthstone Pre Assembled Model 60 pizza oven comes equipped with stainless steel pizza peels, a high tolerance for heat and the versatility to use gas or wood to fuel it.  The iron, steel combo welded together creates a framework with durability in mind. It’s topped off with a digital temperature control and a granite shelf for convenient food preparation. This shelf will come in handy when you prepare your own pizza toppings, which will assist in making a much healthier pizza. Chop your own onion, artichoke, and bell pepper for a fresh veggie delight and avoid empty calories found in fast food pizza.

The Sole Gourmet Wood Fired Double is a charcoal burning oven that brings more than baking to the table; with its double oven design one can smoke on top and bake on the bottom. This works great when creating low calorie pizza at home because you will be able to use the baking feature to make your own whole wheat or thin pan crust. No more greasy pizza boxes. The ventilation control handle places temperature control in your hands. In addition, there are temperature gauges, tempered glass viewing windows and cool touch handles that assist you in cooking with the consistent heat desired to create the perfect dish in each separate oven. This feature will be a big deal when you’re baking the homemade pizza crust while smoking a ham on the top for a “low cal Hawaiian style” pizza. Just add pineapple and wah-lah.

Moving on to the Mario Batali Vesuvio, a wood burning pizza oven designed to capture flavor. This oven comes equipped with a rolling cart for portability, a 50″ x 22″ cooking space, and a corrosion resistant exterior to boot. The great feature of owning this oven is the ability to not just bake and broil, but to warm hearts as your family and friends cozy around the ambient outdoor fireplace setting it offers.

We end our tour in Italy with the Fontana Forni. Usually, Sicilian style pizza involves a lot of cheese and thick doughy crust therefore more calories, but with the Gusto you can recreate this style and control the amount of calories by experimenting with a whole grain crust and low fat cheeses. The Gusto’s wood fired oven is crafted from both cast iron and stainless steel. Another great feature is that it comes with two cooking chambers, one which uses convectional style heating, thus you can bake a nice olive loaf for olive oil dipping, a healthy appetizer alternative to those oily chips.

So if you’re looking to drop a few pounds when the ball drops without weighing down your pocketbook try a one time purchase of a pizza oven that fits your needs, and what better time than now when you can get them at such a great price from Outdora.  The Fontana Forni has an especially catchy limited time offer, where you enter promo code “fontanapizzastone” at check out. This offer ONLY applies to the Gusto, which allows you to get the accompanying pizza stone for free.

Happy New Year and Happy Grilling.

Ivan Stewart has helped consult hundreds of people on the art of designing an outdoor kitchen. His motto is “if you can dream it, we can build it”. He recently took first place in a local barbeque competition in the East Bay. Ivan has helped many consumers learn how to choose and use a barbeque that will complement their lifestyle. When he is not helping clients, he is working at perfecting his craft as a pit master.

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