5 Criteria for Choosing a Professional Luxury Grill for Your Home

lynxOutdoor grilling has long become the official past-time for enjoying great food and enjoying the outdoors.  For those that dabble in grilling, the average home improvement store grill might be sufficient for your cooking needs. Although, if you are a connoisseur of grilling and want to have a true culinary experience, you need a luxury professional grill.  The investment that is spent on the front end will last a lifetime, and you will never want to venture back to home improvement store grills again.  Here are some tips for choosing a professional grill for your home.

LIFESTYLE: The same diligence you spend when choosing a car or home, is the same care you should spend when choosing a grill.  Consider your lifestyle and what amenities will satisfy your family and entertaining needs.  Decide if you would prefer the versatile portability of a freestanding grill, or if you plan on having a permanent summer kitchen. Both offer a variety of sizes, accessories, and options to get you grilling like a pro.

SIZE & HEAT CAPACITY: While size will vary upon manufacturer, the most common sizes range from 27”, 36”, and 48” up to 54”.  The size of the range conversely matches the heat output for the grill. Starting at 50,000 Btu’s to 100,000 Btu’s for the 54” sizes.  Depending on your model, Btu output is divided amongst the number of heating elements in the grill.  Choices of heating options may include: the main heating elements, side burners, rotisseries, smoker drawers, and searing infrared capabilities.

ACCESSORIES: Professional grill manufacturers have made the accessory options for outdoor grills mouthwatering. Just like the amenities in your inside kitchen, they are available for the outdoor grilling area as well. For roasting and baking, an outdoor gas oven is available on several models.  To prepare sauces and side dishes, double side burners increase your cooking ability all in one convenient location. Smoking meats and cool smoking cheeses is at your fingertips with smoker drawers and ovens. For breakfast and grilled sandwiches, a griddle accessory enables the user to fry bacon, flip pancakes and make fresh Panini sandwiches.  If you can cook it, there is an accessory to meet your culinary needs for your professional grill.

MANUFACTURERS: The competition is stiff when it comes to choosing luxury professional grills. Each manufacturer offers their own models, amenities, and physical styling to make you weigh the options to fit your lifestyle. Manufacturers such as: Viking, Twin Eagles, Fire Magic, Fuego, Perlick, and KitchenAid stand for quality and deliver superior performance for the discriminatory chef. Luxury grill manufacturer, Lynx, had a feature in EMercedesBenz , highlighting its unique quality, performance and craftsmanship.

When choosing a luxury professional grill, take your time and enjoy the search. With all the culinary opportunities that they provide, choosing the right grill should be an experience. Once you have chosen, that grill will now be part of the family.


Ronique Gibson is an Associate Architect and a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professional.  She has a design service, Stagetecture, which provides home staging, organization and interiors expertise to those who love their homes.

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