Clear the Clutter and Practice Feng Shui With a Garden Shed

Storage ShedThink of all the stuff that fills your garage, patio and backyard.  Unused, forgotten, misplaced or rusted – much of it can certainly be classified as clutter.

It may be hard to do, but clearing up clutter is a sure fire way to ease stress and harness ch’i.  In Feng Shui, ch’i is another term for energy and an underlying goal for the principles of this ancient art is to attain maximum ch’i, so to speak.

Chock up the ch’i and organize your outdoor living space with a garden shed.  Choose a style and model that has your needs, hobbies and family in mind and you are even closer to the Feng Shui principles many strive for today.

Basics of De-cluttering Within Your Shed

Ancient wisdom says that you must have as much space in your home as you do stuff.  This may seem easy in the backyard where rolling lawns translate into piles of lawn maintenance equipment and sprawling gardens mean you can collect piles of pots and shovels.  But think in a more compact way and you may find your backyard is way off balance.

Focus on your patio or porch.  Is there so much clutter there that you feel cramped, unable to move freely or stretch out completely?  Look at the floor plan and measure whether your furniture, potted plants, BBQ, décor and other patio items are covering more than half of the patio.

You will likely find that the balance is heavily weighted in favor of stuff.

That is where a backyard shed can provide an escape, a way of regaining the balance you need in this area where relaxation is supposed to be instantly attainable.

What Will a Well Organized Shed Do For You?

With a garden shed you can create an organization and storage system that minimizes clutter, piles and the general chaos that so often rules in the backyard.

Using racks, shelving and bins, a garden shed becomes like a professional’s toolbox – compartmentalized, organized and clean, freeing you up to simply reach in and get exactly what it is you need.

Remember the 50/50 rule inside your shed as well though or you are simply concentrating the entire imbalance into one place.  Make sure your backyard shed is large enough that you can store all of your outdoor items and still have at least half of the area left free and clear.

Be sure to use the wall space, floor and even rafters for storage, while maintaining an open, airy feeling with high ceilings, plenty of windows and a wide door.

Shape and Design Matter

In Feng Shui the five elements come into play.  Water, fire, earth, metal and wood should all be included in your shed to ensure it becomes a place of harnessed ch’i in itself.

Water is simple – if you cannot incorporate a fountain or pond nearby, simply include clear glass windows throughout the design and storage in free-form shapes inside (curvy shelves or bins work well).

Wood is another easy addition for your garden shed, whether it’s the siding, flooring, shelving or a combination of all.  Be sure that the wood element does not overpower within your shed, since it is so simple to include.

Earth can be shown within the colors of your shed – deep browns and yellows are good – or within the finishing touches.  Tiled counters and tables, pottery storage jars and for the gardener, actual buckets of soil give off that distinctly warm aroma and feeling of earthiness you need.

Metal can take the form of any number of materials – from wrought iron shelving brackets to steel hardware, door handles and tools.  Shiny or matte, rusted or new, metallic objects and forms should be found in and around your shed for good Feng Shui balance.

Lastly, you will need to incorporate the element of fire into your garden shed for an optimum space.  Although this seems counterproductive in an area of storage, stretch your imagination to include the shape, color and texture of fire and achieve this last element easily.  Triangular shapes such as a roofline or gable are considered part of the fire energy family.  Colors such as red, orange or purple also capture this feeling, as does any animal texture like a leather upholstered stool or animal print curtains, if you’re feeling a little wild.  The fire element is a part of all these things and can liven up your shed to complete the goal of backyard balance.

Think about how organized and spacious your yard will feel with a well appointed backyard shed.  Check out the line of quality sheds offered at Outdora and choose something with the shape, size and layout you need.  Then add all of the elements to your new storage unit to create perfect Feng Shui balance and a healthy, happier home.


Diana Dart was born into the patio design business.  Working in her family contracting business for years, she’s now part owner and loves spending her time helping homeowners create an oasis in their backyards.  She’s also published countless articles about gardening, curb appeal and landscaping online and in various print publications.

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