Crown Roast for the Big Green Egg from Richard in FL

Crown Roast for the Big Green EggRichard in Melbourne, FL has been cooking on a kamado grill since the 60s when he purchased his first grill in SE Asia.  Today, he owns four Big Green Eggs and has a database of over 100 Big Green Egg recipes including this one for Crown Roast.  To view more of Richard’s recipes along with other contestants’ original Big Green Egg recipes, scroll down the Big Green Egg recipes contest category page.  Vote for your favorite by checking on the Facebook “like” icon.  The recipe with the most “likes” wins.

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Crown Roast for the Big Green EggINGREDIENTS:

1 15 Lbs. of Pork, Roast, Crown, 24 Bones


3 Pkgs of Uncle Ben’s Wild Rice Mixture

2 Cans of Water Chestnuts, Chopped, Coarsley

6-8 of Scallions, Chopped and Sauteed

Dash of Salt/Pepper & Cavender’s Seasoning


1          Rack ready to roast!

2          Roast was slathered with cheap yellow mustard, Spice Island Lemon Garlic and Indian River Pepper Blend. Rested for about an hour.

3          Large BGE was set up indirect, drip pan w/water 3/4 way up. At 250°F placed the roast on the grid on some aluminum foil to hold the stuffing later,.without the stuffing in the middle.

4          Had 3-4 pieces of apple and a handful of pecan chips for smoke. Brought the BGE to 325°F-350°F, Placed aluminum foil around tips of bones.

5          About 2 hours into the cook, stuffed the cooked rice mixture into the cavity, took about 3/4’s of the batch. Saved the rest for later. Closed the BGE and went another 45 minutes until the internal temperature was 147°F.

6          Pulled, let rest normally 30-45 minutes, but this time, my first roast project, had so much going on that the roast was ready 3 hours before the guests were hungry.

7          SO, covered with aluminum foil and let sit on table in kitchen for the duration, never reheated in oven, just served with hot mushroom gravy. Worked out fine.

8          Placed little gold paper frills on the bones. Sliced 1 bone/chop per person was plenty.


1          Apple Sauce, Pork Gravy, Asparagus Grilled, Portobello Mushrooms & Sweet Onion, cut in fork size pieces, placed in aluminum foil with little butter chicken boullion, s/p and teaspoon water wrapped tightly and placed on egg 30-45 minutes while roast is cooking. Dessert of choice, ours was three layer white cake with coconut frosting.

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