Dizzy Pumpkin Sliders for the Big Green Egg from Marc in West Chester, PA

Bravo to Marc Ippoliti in West Chester, PA for submitting his Dizzy Pumpkin Sliders recipe to Outdora’s original BGE recipe contest.  Fall is here and pumpkins reign. What better way to celebrate the season than by firing up Marc’s recipe on  your Big Green Egg.  “Dizzy Pumpkin Sliders” is just an abbreviated way of saying “ground chuck sliders over pineapple-headed butter grill fried pumpkin gnocco-buns”.  According to Marc, “Two-tone dizzy spices work well, the sweetness of the pumpkin and caramelized pineapple head crust on the ‘bun’ followed by the savory peppery-ness of the chuck burger, wed by cheese, all I can say is it tastes like buttery meat candy.”  Marc recommends serving the Dizzy Pumpkin Sliders with beer.

To vote for Marc’s Dizzy Pumpkin Sliders, simply check on the Facebook “like” button next to his recipe post.  The original Big Green Egg recipe with the most Facebook “likes” wins the Big Green Egg Cookbook and will also have their recipe featured at Outdora’s first annual Big Green Egg festival.  Do you have your own Big Green Egg original recipe that you’d like to enter into the contest?  If so, email it to biggreeneggrecipes@outdora.com.

For Marc’s Dizzy Pumpkin Sliders, simply follow these directions  (accompanied by images).  Bon appetit!

1) Grill a pumpkin

2) Scoop & rice

3) Combine with flour, egg, & fresh nutmeg

4) Roll into a ½ inch sheet & cut

5) Brush with butter & pineapple head

6) Butter fry in cast iron till the exterior is crispy

7) Remove to cool

8) Grind chuck, roll, & cut

9) Coat liberally with cow lick & grill


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