Exploring the Benefits of Using Gas For Patio Heating

Patio ComfortYour patio is one of the most comfortable places in your home, where relaxation and memories happens every day.  Patio heaters are a fantastic way to extend the “open hours” on your patio allowing you to spend more time in that cozy space.  Available in a wide variety of styles, you can pick up a patio heater that runs on electric heat, propane or natural gas.

These machines have a primary heat source that is distributed over your patio space using radiant heat.  This design makes the unit safe and comfortable to be near.  You’ll generally get around 300 square feet of warm space, plenty large enough for a group of friends or family.

The power of your patio heater will determine the area that is heated and these products come in different shapes and designs.  An efficient and economical choice, natural gas patio heaters deliver a host of benefits as well as hours of warmth and comfort to your family.  Discover why they may be the best choice for your backyard.

The Convenient Choice

Because you can hook these patio heaters directly up to your home’s natural gas line, refueling is never an issue.  Natural gas provides the warmth you need just when you need it with no hassles.  Similar to your natural gas fireplace or stove, this style of patio heater will work in a power outage and is dependable all year round.  Electricity is also a constant fuel, but isn’t as faithful as natural gas in nasty weather and other conditions that commonly cause outages.  Reliable and convenient to start and operate, natural gas patio heaters add to the comfort on your patio.

The Efficient Choice

Although the price of natural gas, liquid propane and electricity can vary from one time of year to another (and from one region to another), the efficiency of gas patio heaters will not.  Designed to burn with minimal emissions and at optimum efficiency levels, this product is a wise alternative that will run dependably well.

There is a constant and steady supply of fuel, meaning that the burn will also be steady and easily controlled by the mechanisms on the heater.  No matter what size and shape of heater suits your patio, gas fuel will be constantly delivered through the plumbing and controlled by the safety valves on board.  Tabletop heaters, suspended and wall mount styles and even pole mount styles can be run by natural gas, providing an efficient choice.

The Inexpensive Choice

Studies have shown that the average price of natural gas is lower than either liquid propane or electricity.  When comparing heaters with 40,000 BTU of power (which is the most common level of power used for residential application), natural gas was less than one third the operation cost per hour of liquid propane and less than one half the operation cost of electric patio heaters (per hour).

The up front cost of a patio heater depends on much more than the fuel.  Construction materials, as well as the design and features included help to determine the cost of each unit, although the installation of a natural gas model requires permanent plumbing that the others may not need.

The Environmentally Friendly Choice

Natural gas is recognized by the E.P.A. as the cleanest burning fossil fuel.  Since electricity is often generated by burning fossil fuels (like coal), that makes natural gas the more eco friendly choice of the two.  The efficiency levels and low emissions are also a plus when it comes to making a green choice.

Is Natural Gas the Best Choice In Patio Heaters?

In the end it’s up to you.  If your home is not equipped with a natural gas line electric patio heaters offer a fairly dependable alternative.  Outdora offers a wide selection of natural gas, liquid propane and electric patio heaters is a variety of styles.  Equip your small balcony with a tabletop model or your expansive deck with a pole mounted patio heater.  Choose the style that fits with your décor and consider the many benefits of natural gas models.  You’re sure to enjoy the cozy and comfortable space this unit creates on your patio.

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