Feng Shui: Creating Harmonious and Well Balanced Space Using The 5 Element Theory

Being the daughter of a landscaper and of parents who grew up on a farm in the old country, I can truly appreciate the outdoors and the magic that it possesses.

So, when I learned about the Five Element Theory throughout my Feng Shui studies, it was a language that I instantly related to.  Feng Shui, is an energy based philosophy that deals with the art (design) and science (intention) of placement.  The Five Element theory is just one of many aspects of Feng Shui.

The Five Elements consist of (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal).  These elements are naturally found in nature and when they are all combined in a space, they invoke balance and harmony.   Enjoy the benefits of well balanced and good feeling space by creating your own inspiring outdoor haven.  Keep it simple, by adding each element in its true form or get creative by constructing a scene that packs a power punch.  Maybe it’s a scene that reminds you of a park that you visited on one your travels, or maybe it’s something fun that you’re recreating from a picture in a magazine.  Make it a space that is designed with specific intention and purpose and see yourself/ the family/ your friends all enjoying and taking in the energy of your creation.

Here are some examples of The Five Elements:

  • WATER: Water, fountain, glass, pond, bird bath, pool, hose.  The color blue.
  • WOOD: Anything made of wood, trees, plants.  The color green.
  • FIRE: A fire pit, BBQ, lights, candles, animal prints.  The color red.
  • EARTH: Soil, garden, ceramic, pottery, slate, stones.  The color yellow.
  • METAL: Metal objects and finishes, BBQ, bench, sundial, wind chime.  The color white/gray.

Note 1:   Best to have a balance of the elements.  If you find yourself having more of one then the other, i.e. you feel there is too much of the fire element present – add more water.  Water balances out fire and remember– a little bit of fire goes a long way.

Note 2:   You can use the color of accessories as an easy way to incorporate an element.  (patio set cushions, tree/garden décor, tableware, etc.)

Creating good feeling and long lasting space can take time and patience or it can come together instantly.   Always choose an item based on how good it makes you feel.  Once you have chosen it, sit with it for a while.   Revisit it in a few days and if it gives you as much, if not more, pleasure as it did the first time around, you have achieved balance.


Antonietta Libardi graduated from the Long Island Feng Shui Institute in 2005 and became certified as a Feng Shui Practitioner in 2007.

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