Hibernate This Season with Luxurious Accessories

Planika Coffee Table FireplaceIt’s easy to become a bag of lazy bones during the winter. Between the cold temperatures and threat of precipitation, cozy indoor shelters become more inviting than ever. Instead of isolating yourself at home until the snow melts, it’s more fun to avoid the wintry blizzard when in the company of great friends.

You can prepare your pad for a season of bliss by incorporating some must-have accessories that will keep Jack Frost at bay. Of course, you can never go wrong with an indoor fireplace, but if you’re pampering yourself or entertaining others, there are a few more eye-catching and functional accents you will want have around.

Essential Accessories for Preventing Cabin Fever

In order for you to fully enjoy the indoors this season, there are some essential accessories that can make the experience utterly delightful. One of the basics is an indoor fireplace, because staying warm is going to be a top priority.

Warm Your Love Nest

Fortunately, there are freestanding and built-in fireplace designs, so you can find one that is functional for your space. A wall-mounted fireplace is a more traditional option, and it’s convenient when the model is portable and smoke-free. Also, there are interesting contemporary designs that have a coffee table style, which give you the fireplace along with space for serving cocktails and appetizers. Whichever style you decide to go with, keep the environment in mind and choose one that operates using an eco-friendly biofuel.

Now, if you already have a fireplace in your home, be sure to store extra kindling inside on a steel, rustproof wood rack. It’s best to have one well located outdoors too, because you don’t want to have to trudge too far through the snow once you burn up all of the wood you had inside.

Sitting by the fire with family and friends is a relaxing experience that warms the body and soul.

Stock Up on Goods

Storing food items in bulk is a wise idea when you have the space for it. Guests could drop by unexpectedly or a winter advisory might warn you to stay indoors for a few days — either situation would be less stressful when you’re prepared. So create room for more food with a spacious freezer.

A built-in freezer is more compact, and it can give you the extra freezer shelf space you need to preserve meats, vegetables and fruits. Commercial-grade stainless steel models that are ADA compliant are the way to go, because you want a quality freezer that is well insulated to keep your food fresh. Or, choose an energy-efficient outdoor freezer that you can store in the garage.

Enjoy Some Liquid Heat

In addition to feeling warm on the outside, it’s nice to feel warm on the inside with a glass of your finest wine. A wine reserve can chill bottles of wine to just the right temperature, and built-in models can enhance your kitchen layout. Another option is to have a freestanding wine reserve, because it’s more mobile and you can place it near the dining area or kitchen counter. Whether you have a taste for red wine, white wine or champagne, you can control the temperature for each zone of wine. A wine reserve is perfect for entertaining friends and family, and with cheese and crackers, you can easily accommodate those hungry guests.

Pay Attention to Detail

Achieving a cozy home is also about the smaller details. By adding plush throw blankets to your couch and chairs and updating your bed with down accent pillows, you can increase the comfort level by tenfold. Even choosing home décor accents in rustic tones can give your space a warmer feel.

These luxurious ideas prepare your home for entertaining, and you can also seek tranquility for yourself by warming your toes by the fireplace and indulging in a delicious treat. Bring on winter!


Marina Hanes is a writer and owner of Cat’s Eye Editing, LLC. She received a B.A. in Professional Writing & Editing from Youngstown State University, and her professional area of focus is Environmental Studies.

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