Perfect Patio Designs For Your Unique Yard

Patio DesignLife in the backyard is better when you take the time to design your space well.  Keeping in mind what you want out of the area, as well as the condition and position of your yard will help create a design that is unique and perfect for you.

Existing Grade Conditions

Start with what you have.  Grading is an expensive and involved process to take on, so if it’s not entirely necessary try not to change any grading in the yard.  Slight elevations and shallow valleys can be altered to make for a more level lawn, but think long and hard before investing in retaining walls and major excavating.

Raised wooden or composite decks are your best option for a yard with noticeable slopes or rolling hills.  By installing your patio on a frame it will rise above the ground and you can avoid complicated grading work.

Stone patios need to be installed on level ground, but can be designed into any size and shape.  If you have a flat or semi-flat area in your yard, consider that the best spot for laying a patio.

Sun and Shade

Take a look at the sky.  Make note of where the morning and afternoon sun hits your yard and any buildings or trees that provide shade.  If you’re looking for spot to sun bathe, be sure your patio location and design hits that late morning and afternoon sun exposure you noted.

Nestle your patio against the house for a more shady location, or under an overhang or group of mature trees.  If you can’t find any natural shade feel free to create your own with patio umbrellas, the perfect portable option for patios in any location.  From market umbrellas to offset and canopy styles, has a style and size to suit your patio design.

Soft Shapes

Sharp and linear contemporary styles are all the rage, but don’t try that with your patio design.  Exterior surfaces should echo nature as much as possible, which means rounded corners and curved lines.  If you need the formal look of squares and rectangles, consider adding a circle inside or along the edge to break up the startling lines.

Kidney shaped patios are popular, as are ovals, soft triangles and even free form shapes.  Almost any shape can be made using either wood or stone.  Some cutting, shaving and fitting may need to be done, but the overall appearance will be much more appealing.

Rooms Within Your Outdoor Living Space

Don’t forget to create different rooms right within your patio design.  A cozy lounge chair or luxurious hammock makes one corner ideal for napping and reading alone.  Browse through the comfortable furniture at to find a piece that you can snuggle up in.

A large patio dining set makes for easy entertaining and cocktail stations and built in grills will take meal prep and enjoyment out onto the patio all summer long.  The high quality patio furniture and top brand name grills at will ensure your outdoor kitchen and dining rooms are both durable and beautiful.

Think through each aspect of your patio design to come up with the perfect space for outdoor living at its finest.


Diana Dart was born into the patio design business.  Working in her family contracting business for years, she’s now part owner and loves spending her time helping homeowners create an oasis in their backyards.  She’s also published countless articles about gardening, curb appeal and landscaping online and in various print publications.

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