Preparing for a Pet’s 911

feline first aid kitAs an avid pet owner, I always hope that I am not put in a situation where a pet emergency occurs.  But while I hope this situation never arises, it is always good to create an emergency prevention arrangement and have a plan for dealing with pet emergencies.

Information Tags

Having a pet tag on your furry loved one is a great way of preventing a disaster.  Many times pets are lost and the information about their owners does not exist.  A simple pet tag that you can get from your veterinarian will save you time and worry if your pet gets out.  Also if there is a residential emergency, such as a tornado or fire, this information can help guide rescue personal on how to handle this lost pet.

Another choice a pet owner may explore is the pet chip.  This chip is implanted under the skin of the pet and contains contact information but to retrieve this information one must take the pet to the veterinarian.  This could delay reuniting one with their pet.

Emergency Numbers

Keeping both your veterinarian and the pet poison control number near the phone can reduce the panic one feels when their furry loved one is hurt.  Programming these numbers in ones cell phone is also a good idea especially if you take your pet on trips.

Pet First Aid Book

Purchasing and becoming familiar with a book on pet first aid is a great way of preparing oneself for any pet emergency.  Many agencies, such as the American Red Cross, offer pet first aid classes that can be taken.  Topics covered in a traditional first aid class are covered in a pet first aid class and include CPR, choking, open wound care, and broken bone care.

Pet First Aid Kit

Having a pet first aid kit is essential for any pet owner.  Outdora sells three types of pet first aid kits.  Both the Cat First Aid Kit and the Pet First Aid Kit contain basic first aid supplies such as plastic gloves, swabs, and tweezers along with bandages, and gauze.  For those dogs that are into sports, Outdora sells a kit specifically for them.  The Sport Dog First Aid Kit contains everything described above plus more.  The supplies can be stored in a plastic case that is carried by the dog’s human companion.  Another choice exists for those dogs that like to carry their own supplies and that is a dog backpack.  It comes in several colors, which includes orange, red or camouflage for those dogs who like to hunt.

Horse lovers are not forgotten when it comes to first aid kits.  Several different types of kits exist through Outdora.  The Barn First Aid Kit provides every thing one would need to treat scrapes and abrasions that may occur while a horse is in the barn.  If your equine is into trail riding, then Outdora has the first aid kit for you.  The Trail First Aid Kit contains common first aid supplies but what makes this kit different is how it is carried.  Instead of packing the material into a hard case that would be packed away, the supplies are organized into a saddlebag that can be carried over ones shoulder or strapped onto the saddle.  This kit also comes in two sizes.  The mini is a perfect size for day trips and the standard is just the right size for those longer rides.

If you have an expecting mother or a young one in the barn, do not be left unprepared.  Outdora sells a Foal First Aid Kit.  This kit provides every thing one would need for a normal delivery.  But if your mare is under any type of stress, do not hesitate to call your local veterinarian.

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail and this is true with emergencies.  So this year, when you are going through your family emergency plan and first aid kit, do not forget about the furry members of your family.  Purchase an appropriate kit for the species and keep it with the family’s emergency supplies.  Include blankets, food and water for your family members so that when the need arrives, every one can survive.

Mindy McIntosh-Shetter has been an Agricultural Science educator, and is a horticulture and/or environmental blogger who earned a degree from Purdue University in Agriculture Education with a minor in biology, and natural resources. Presently she is finishing up her Masters in Environmental Education and Urban Planning for the University of Louisville while working on her own agriculture/environmental blog.

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