Rescuing rats, one thousand at a time

San Jose Rodent RescueOutdora’s own team member Lauren Paul of Tech Services was involved in a recent rescue mission for a thousand rats. When she’s not working for Outdora, Lauren runs the Bay Area-based non-profit organization North Star Rescue. North Star is dedicated to the welfare of smaller companion animals including pet rabbits and rodents, and their volunteers provide a network of safe foster homes for hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, chinchillas, and more.

The San Jose Mercury News and the television show Hoarders of the A&E network have both covered North Star’s rescue of 1,000 rats from an overrun home in Los Angeles. One pregnant pet rat quickly turned into hundreds when the litters were unsupervised in the LA home, and the resulting broods were chewing through insulation and burrowing under the house until North Star stepped in.

Now after a large-scale rescue involving over 30 volunteers and climate-controlled trucks for transportation, the rats are taking up residence at Andy’s Pet Shop in San Jose where they will be rehabilitated and ready for adoption December 5.

All animal-lovers at Outdora offer sincere congratulations to Lauren Paul and North Star Rescue for their efforts. North Star is based in Novato, California, and they have additional adoption outposts in Danville, Sonoma, and Santa Rosa. Visit the North Star website for more information on their adoptable pets or to help shelter a recently rescued rodent.

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