Barbecue vs. Grilling: What’s the Diff?

grillQuestion: Do you know the difference between the barbecue and grilling?

Second Question: Do you care?

I was getting ready to grill a few burgers when my neighbor walked over. We struck up a conversation about yard work, planting and my grill. You would never guess that an innocent conversation would turn into an outdoor cooking learning experience. It started when he asked a very innocent question. “Getting ready for a barbecue?”

“Nope,” I responded. “I’m firing up the grill for some burgers.”

“That’s what I said; you’re getting the barbecue going.”

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Choosing The Perfect Grilling Tool Set

Mirage 18-piece Stainless Steel Tool SetGrilling Tool Sets make great gifts for barbecue enthusiasts who have just about everything. One of the most exciting things about a tool set is that they come in a variety of sizes and styles that can fit anyone’s taste. This article gives a few guidelines to keep in mind when shopping for a grilling tool set.  The first is durability; there is nothing worse than getting a new product, only to have it break within minutes or hours of use. The second guideline is to choose a style that fits with the users grill. The third guideline is to choose a set with the appropriate number of pieces.


When shopping for new grilling utensils I prefer to play with them in the store before making a purchasing decision. You can tell a lot about the quality of a utensil by applying a little pressure. For spatulas, press gently on the flipper while holding the handle steady. If there is a little give, then it will most likely not meet quality standards. When testing tongs, I pinch shelves and other items in the store to see how much pressure they can take before they begin to give a little bit. I expect my tongs to be extremely versatile. I use them to pick up and flip 12 pound briskets, so sturdiness is a must. If you are just flipping burgers  steaks then a little won’t be a problem. The key to finding a durable grill utensil is to try it out and see firsthand how sturdy it is.

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Simple Guidelines for Planning a Summer Outdoor Kitchen

cal-flame-outdoor-kitchen-cabinetsWhen planning and laying out your in-home kitchen, careful consideration is put to efficiency and aesthetics.  These same guidelines can be the basis of design for your summer outdoor kitchen.  Whether you decide to design your summer kitchen on your own, or choose to hire a professional, these simple tips will help you decide how to have the perfect summer kitchen for you and your family.

LOCATION: When deciding on where your summer kitchen should be located, keep these tips in mind.  Try to locate the summer kitchen in an area of your backyard that allows the most flexibility in entertaining, serving food, and accessing the main house.  Locating a summer kitchen in a far remote section of the yard will create fatigue for the cook, and inconvenience for the guests.  Locate the summer kitchen adjacent to the back patio area, pool, and patio entrance to the home. This way guests are engaged in eating and recreation, and the cook has close access to the indoor kitchen.

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Smoking Out the History of BBQ Cooking

Barbeque It’s a summer staple across the continent and an all year round favorite in the sunny south.  But BBQ cooking has a long, intriguing history that’s actually debated with passion in some circles.

The First Smoked Meat?

Folks who call themselves “true barbecue” enthusiasts would define the process as smoking beef or pork outdoors.  Most likely this originated from Native Americans, who did it out of necessity.

When they were successful on a hunt it was important to either eat the meat quickly or preserve it to enjoy later on.  Spanish explorers found that the natives used the sun to preserve their meat, building racks over small fires to smoke away the insects and other pests during the process.

Ingeniously, the Natives were also doing what many of us today would call BBQ or smoking their dinner.  Did the Spanish introduce spices to the recipe or were the Natives already using them?

Indigenous people of the West Indies called this process “barbacoa,” which could be where the modern term came from.  You can enjoy it (without having to hunt for your food) with the Big Green Egg or the Viking C4 Outdoor Cooker, two of the smokers available at Outdora.

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