Barbecue vs. Grilling: What’s the Diff?

grillQuestion: Do you know the difference between the barbecue and grilling?

Second Question: Do you care?

I was getting ready to grill a few burgers when my neighbor walked over. We struck up a conversation about yard work, planting and my grill. You would never guess that an innocent conversation would turn into an outdoor cooking learning experience. It started when he asked a very innocent question. “Getting ready for a barbecue?”

“Nope,” I responded. “I’m firing up the grill for some burgers.”

“That’s what I said; you’re getting the barbecue going.”

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Three Popular Types of Barbecue Grills

Big Green Egg - the leader in charcoal grillsSearching online or browsing through down the aisles of your favorite outdoor store looking at barbecue grills can be confusing and daunting. With so many models and brands to choose from, which one is the right fit for you? This article will describe the main types of grills and detail their strong points to help you with your next grill purchase. There are three main types of grills used in backyards across the United States today, they are: Gas Grills, Charcoal Grills, and Electric Grills.

Gas Grills

Over 55% of grill owners in the United States own a propane gas grill. It is the most used type of barbecue grill in use in the United States today. Gas grills come in a variety of styles including free standing, built in, and portable. One of the most popular gas grills is the Lynx 30 inch Freestanding Grill with Rotisserie and ProSear. It is completely stainless steel with an large cooking surface perfect for entertaining.

The main reason that they are the grill of choice can be summarized in one word – Convenience. Gas grills light quickly and are easy to clean, for these reasons they are popular among the working crowd. You can get home from work and have your grill heated up and ready to cook on in less than ten minutes. A single propane tank of gas can last an entire summer, and the cost to refill the tank can be as little as $10.

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