Let the Sun Shine Through – Learn Proper Greenhouse Cleaning

greenhouse_cleanRegardless of what type of greenhouse you may purchase from Outdora, there will come a time when the covering of your structure needs to be cleaned.  But what is the proper way of cleaning the “windows” of a greenhouse and why is that important.

A clean greenhouse surface is very important in the success of any type of greenhouse production.  It allows the maximum amount of sunlight into the environment, reduces possible plant diseases and just gives the greenhouse area a professional appearance.  But before you jump onto a spring window-cleaning spree, one must first learn how to properly clean each type of greenhouse covering.  Keep in mind though, that regardless of the type of cover always clean the area with the vents and doors wide open.  This will prevent any buildup of toxic chemicals.

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How to set up the Greenhouse Area

Poinsetta GreenhousesKnowing how to arrange the greenhouse area is an important skill that one needs to develop for maximum impact and functionality. Before the greenhouse arrives one needs to consider the purpose of the greenhouse, activities that will go on in the area, and where such sources of water and electricity are located.

Location, location, location is an important consideration that one needs to take before sitting up the greenhouse.  Are there trees around, is the ground level, and where does the sun come up and sit are factors that need to be looked at.  Also what is the greenhouse going to be used for and is it going to be a mobile unit or a permanent structure.  A greenhouse function can strictly be to start seeds or to raise plants year round.  Also the type of plants that will be grown are an important consideration.  An example of this is the production of poinsettia.  These plants require 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark for the leaves to turn.  Streetlights, car lights, and household lights all can affect a poinsettia’s ability to turn colors. So choose the location wisely based on the function of the greenhouse.

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The Green Gardener’s Guide to Greenhouse Pest Control

oilytextControlling pests in a greenhouse can be a green gardener’s nightmare.  Many greenhouse pesticides end up being bug bombs that require HAZMAT suites and respirators in order to safely apply.  The residue left in the greenhouse can have questionable effects on the greenhouse manager, employees, hobbyist, and consumers.  All these individuals plus more become exposed to chemical pest control when the greenhouse door opens and products are sold. Greenhouse owners and operators have a green option that uses one of the oldest technologies that has existed since the beginning of time.  This technology is solar energy.

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