Green Living – How to Use Fresh Plant Material to Welcome the Season

Christmas_WreathHoliday decorating does not have to cost a lot of money or have a large carbon footprint, instead decorations can be found right outside ones door.  Natural plant material is a great choice for those who want a more nostalgic decoration or desire to reduce their consumerism by using what they have lying around their home.

There are three major types of decorations that can be created from live plant material.  This includes wreaths, swags, and centerpieces.  While other decorations do exist, the bases for these decorations are derived from the three listed previously.

The first step that all decorations start with is the collecting of the material.  All three types of decorations require filler, color and texture.  All of these requirements are met by what you harvest in your backyard and if you do not have enough, do not hesitate to ask a neighbor.  Pruning a neighbor’s plant material will not only help you, but will also reduce the amount of yard work your neighbor will have come spring.

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