Basic Anatomy of a Pizza Oven

outdoor_pizza_ovenAre you thinking about adding an outdoor pizza oven to your back yard living area? If so, then it’s probably a good idea to understand the basics of pizza oven construction. The good news is that the basic design of this type of oven has been the same for generations. Have you seen drawing or pictures of American Civil War cooks baking bread in an earthen oven? What about World War II bakers cooking in makeshift ovens while serving in the Pacific, Africa or anywhere else bread needed to be baked? Think about all of the images you’ve seen with wood fired ovens grills in magazines, books and even movies… it’s the same basic oven.

Before deciding on your pizza oven purchase I suggest that you read over this article and look at the large selection of outdoor pizza ovens available from Outdora.

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A Low Calorie New Year

Pizza-ovenAh Christmas, a holiday well known for it’s indulgences, and with Thanksgiving still in the rear view it’s most common for people to notice their resemblance to old Saint Nick. Looking ahead, let’s start the New Year’s off right with a resolution to blow the dust off of that gym membership.

Most people like to find ways to diet without surrendering their favorite dish completely; pizza tends to be the most addictive. Many dieters find it difficult to jog by a pizza parlor without stopping. Those that have the will power to jog by find themselves digging deep into their bank accounts to purchase brick oven pizzas, which believe it or not, can fit into any diet plan without weighing it down. Pizzas baked in those fiery brick pizza ovens have less fat and therefore less calories, unfortunately their prices can’t be negotiated. Using the same baking techniques at home can keep both calories and expenses low. Let’s compare a few to give you a view of the options.

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How the Wood Fired Pizza Oven Has Evolved Over the Years

Pizza OvenWho can deny the absolutely exquisite taste of homemade baking in a wood fired pizza oven?  Whether it is pizza or a loaf of bread, the delicious warmth that these ovens deliver is unmatched.  That distinctive flavor is still sought after today, from high end restaurants to fast food joints on the corner and most of all, in your own home.

People have been using wood fired baking or cooking for centuries – from the early Roman period right up to today.  Excavations have uncovered wood fired ovens in a variety of ancient civilizations.  Could pizza have been a family favorite even back then?

When visiting Pompeii in southern Italy you’ll be amazed at the eerie preservation of this seaside city.  From the cobblestones right down to the mosaics and of course, Pompeii’s brick ovens – the town has been frozen in time for almost two thousand years.  Some say that pizza could be baked in those ancient ovens today after making only a few minor adjustments.

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