The History of Container Gardening

Square Planter GardenContainer gardening history spans the globe.  The idea for container gardening actually started out as society started living in cities and wanted to mimic the natural growth pattern of plants close to their home.  This concept was utilized in one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

In Babylonia 604 B.C., the “hanging gardens” could be found.  These gardens were not planted in hanging baskets but instead were planted on top of stone columns.  The vegetation would hang over the columns and in doing so would resemble “hanging gardens.”  The plant material would be watered in a mysterious way and that is water would run from the tops of the columns down through the vegetation.  The water never seemed to end and came from nowhere.

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DIY Four-Season Container Garden

Planter Box GardenA four-season container garden is a great way of using any planter year round.  The principles behind this type of gardening are simple.  Using the plants of the season to design a multi-functional container garden is a budget friendly way of gardening and works in any area and for any season.

The first step to any container or planter garden is to use the best material you can afford.  Sturdy containers and/or planters with drainage are a must.  Also having a container trivet on wheels will help any homeowner to move around large containers through the patio, porch, or garden space.  Soil is another important component to any successful container garden.  Using a good quality of potting soil along with compost and sand is all that is needed for a container that will be maintained regularly.  If vacation time is going to be a possibility during the year then add hydrogel to the mix to retain moisture.  Once the soil mixture has been added to the container it is time to start planting the four-season container garden.

Deciding on the size of the container will dictate how much plant material can be used in the container of choice.  Also some of these plants are planted as seeds while others are planted as plants so plan the appropriate room according to what you choose to plant.

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