Turning Up the Heat for Valentine’s Day

patina_personalized_firepitIf you’re anything like me, grilling is your first love, but when it comes to Valentine’s Day, most men play it safe and focus more on igniting the flame in their wife’s hearts than the propane fueled flames burning in the coals on the grill.   For those who have plans to pop the question I have the perfect Grill Master’s proposal idea, so you can spark the flames in your relationship without putting out the flame on the grill.

Nothing could be more romantic than dinner by the fire, especially when that dinner is cooked on the flames of the Primo Oval Junior Grill.  A nice salmon dish with a sweet honey glaze for your sweetheart will be a breeze because of the even heat distribution.  Overcooked salmon can be more tough than tasty but you can avoid this dinner disaster by preparing your fish properly and taking advantage of the Primo’s even heat design. The Primo uses natural coal instead of briquettes which will allow you to enhance the flavor of your fish. Incorporate some nice veggie and shrimp kabobs with a tasty Primo-style baked potato and your romantic dinner is ready in minutes.

One very helpful feature about using a ceramic grill is the versatility that it offers therefore, while you and the love of your life are enjoying dinner, you can heat up a nice desert. Try a nice Apple Cranberry Crisp made with fresh apples, it’s a healthy dish that’s easy to make and because the Primo junior is ceramic, the apples won’t dry out but, instead, will be tender and juicy just like mom’s homemade apple pie.

February is a very common month for marriage proposals and each story is unique. If you are planning to propose to that special someone this Valentines Day try taking dinner and a movie to another level with our Patina Personalized Fire Pit.

There are many ways to pop the question but picture the look on her face as you escort her from the dinning room to enjoy the fresh air and gaze at the stars.  The Patina Personalized Fire Pit can make this moment magical when you declare your love to her by the fire and she notices the phrase “Marry Me” glowing in the night.  The Patina is made of cold rolled steel and allows room for a two-line inscription including up to 15 characters. Don’t let this moment go to waste, seal the deal now, and since the Patina is welded for reliable durability you will be able to share the memory of the engagement again for your first anniversary. The Patina also can be used to create meals because it comes equipped with a grilling grate, which will come in handy for campfire nights on the patio.

So if you’re celebrating the night she says, “I do” or “I still do”, either one of these items will be an excellent choice to turn up the heat on Valentine’s Day.  Until next time, happy grilling.

Ivan Stewart has helped consult hundreds of people on the art of designing an outdoor kitchen. His motto is “if you can dream it, we can build it”. He recently took first place in a local barbeque competition in the East Bay. Ivan has helped many consumers learn how to choose and use a barbeque that will complement their lifestyle. When he is not helping clients, he is working at perfecting his craft as a pit master.

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